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Darkness Within

Dark Poetry

The darkness within my soul
Is slowly seeping through my veins
Consuming my every waking moment
The darkness within my soul
Is building and clouding my view
Casting a dark cold shadow
On the world, And everything I love
The darkness within my soul
Is slowly eating away at my heart

Am I destined to be overcome with darkness?
My soul blackened forever
Am I destined to always be alone?
My love for you eaten away
The darkness within......
The darkness within......
Is winning......

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An Angels Charge...

I've walked in shadow and lands unknown.
Through nights of purple,sands white as bone.

I've searched the faces and hearts of the fold,
Thousands of people,the young and the old.

I've seen signs of promise,in a precious few.
So now I protect them, It's what I must do.

I've found my true purpose, though some make a fuss.
To nurture such talent, as it teaches us.

I know how man works,through joy and through tears,
The special ones guarded, from nightmares and fears.

Develop their gifts, I've done by and large.
I am the Angelus, this is my charge.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am the Angelus  

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