I must excuse myself,

From this table of bourgeois


For I have consumed

Enough mediocrity to choke

A horse!

I dare ask, What’s for dessert?

Perhaps a flaky pastry filled

With more of your inferior intelligence?

”Please!” I can not take another bite!


            By Patty  Hermes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Any given day in conversation with small minded people.

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The last sun of the year has set,

And the sea reflects the reddened gloom;

Beyond those unseen purgatory shores,

Awaits the quicksand of perennial doom.

There is little meaning in the life we lead,

Sand-filled dunes of fleeting years;

Without qualms we rush headlong;

Our smiles hiding our unwept tears.

It is an eve of merry making,

Where misery is forgotten in revelry;

It is also a time when suffering,

Looks mockingly at you and me.

When little match girls gaze at stars,

And seek from above a clue to peace,

There's so much that lies forgotten,

Lessons of ancestral histories.

While such evenings will come and go,

Little match girls, like stars, will glow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was composed on December 31st 1992 as I watched the sunset. It is a mixed venting out of the feelings inside me.

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What a day, a bride has died,

While walking to take her vow!

The wedding becomes a funeral,

Will the groom survive the blow!

A woman who borrowed some cash,

Her loafers abducted her,

They beat her with rods and pipes,

And went even further:

They made her eat dirt, grime and filth,

At last the poor thing died:

Then they chopped her butcher-like,

And cooked up the pieces.

In a doll's head they hid her skull

All for the sake of fun

Thus the crime was committed,

Nothing remained undone.

In Kowloon was the girl murdered,

The lawmen could do nothing,

Her killers still walk, unhindered,

Where to this world has come!

There is this loathsome creature,

He threw acid on his girlfriend,

He knew she was carrying his baby,

And both lives did he end.

The day's news goes on and on,

Hillary is senator;

As Al Gore and Bush fight on,

Clinton is spectator.

More planets are being found,

Rotating around giant stars,

Perhaps the earth is getting small,

That's why we are aiming far.

Muslims have changed their ways,

They eat during Ramadan,

Some fast but also lie and cheat,

Who can keep them at bay!

Darkness prevails all over,

Thick haze has hidden light,

But rays of hope do come out,

As good and evil fight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by the news items I happened to read over a week in December 2000, while working at the daily 'Dawn'.

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The book

the book,what book

any book, the important book of life which one

there is alot my favorite is the bible

but you said its just a book written by man

but god works through man to pass the message on and teach

others for its my favorite book try one time read it and hopefully you`ll get the message i got!!

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Twas a fleeting success

For Generation X-cess

You thought it was phat

Like shooting fish in a vat

Became a Wintel wiz

And started your biz

Sellin' smoke to boomers

Who listened to rumors

'Bout IPO stocks

And that really rocks!

'Cuz ya bought all the cars

And the mansions on Mars

With the options you had

Until they turned bad

Then you couldn't get out

When it all went south

So, welcome back to Earth

And get back to work

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A rap tempo remembrance of "irrational exuberance"

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Mtv killed me

when i was young

i never needed any one

thinkin life was just for fun

those days are done

i found my freinds there in my head

and all of them are dead



and dignity

they left along time ago

and left no note

i struggle with these words of doubt in my mind

all the time

somtimes it feels like a struggle to wake up

to find reason to face another lustless day

maybe im the one with the problem

but ill blame the world

its easier that way

no pain no hurt

cause its no my fault curt

shot in the head now our  dead just like right said fred

its ok we’ll see you again in the words of another

theatll rise up and sing about there pain

and pour there heart out for a world that will care for two minutes

i see the world today and i dont like it

the worls gone pop and this shits gotta stop

what happened to my rock

wheres roth when you need him

all we got now are detriot kids taking pops at the rest of the crop the sprung out of

they say there different but there on the same show s as these kids

same magazine covers. creadibilty comes in doller sighns

not legitament talent but whats talent when you look good and  can hold a note

when did the world get all happy

this is a dark and dreary place why fool yourself

nothing really everchanges

it all eventually goes back to square one

nothing matters anymorein a world who would rather idalize pop stars rather than recognise what true talent is

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i hate POP...

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Red – Is for the blood

We’ve shed through the years.

In our struggle for freedom,

That was covered in tears.

Nothing was ever- just given to us,

For every thing was earned.

Through hard work and determination,

From praying hearts that yearned.

To be equal in all, and not in part,

To look into our souls, and feel our hearts.

Being blinded by power, hiding in the dark.  

You only saw the good in yourselves, while walking all over us.

White – Is for our faith in God,

And hearts true and pure- as pure as light

While picking cotton, we sang praise to his name

Knowing that everything would be all right.

A unity in love / divided by others greed

Disrespecting our ebony women through the night.

Taking away the “purity” of our ebony people,

Treating us like cattle to benefit their way of life.

For all our ebony people

Who died, trying to be free

White is the color God used

To release and give us inner peace.

Blue –blue is for the ocean

That we have sailed across,

At the hands of our capturers,

We the slaves, them the boss.

For all the pain that we’ve endured

In our struggle to be free.

Trying to hold our family together

Beating us down our family tree.

By separating us from Each other

Yes, breaking up our home

Removing husbands and wives from one another

Leaving them alone.

BUT! We have come a long way

From the past, where we were

To a new life of equality and freedom

And a determination to endure.

Think about our past, the struggle,

And how far we have come

Think about the present,

We are free-yet the battle isn’t won

Before we judge someone

We must first judge ourselves

Because if we aren’t honest to our own true heart

How can we be honest with someone else?

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There isn't one reason under the sun

Why a young girl must carry a gun.

Apparently, there are in fact, five,

Why she must wage war to stay alive..

What do I know of synagogues?

Of desecrations and public flogs?

The fast decline of economic growth,

Destroying the lives and lands of both?

The smell of fear lies everywhere,

As sniper fire and machine guns flare.

Camps filled with deep poverty and pain.

Tiny faces washed in tears and rain.

Each unprovoked and fatal firing

Can burn a young heart live while bearing

An oozie hiding this broken wing

Its just a reprehensible thing.

What do I know of the Gaza Lands?

Of great Mosques and Mecca or the stands

Against the cry of "intifada?"

The shutdown of the Holy Qabaa?

Why do you tarnish this lovely pearl?

She is now your soldier, not our girl.

What skills has she learned since she has gone.

How to throw rocks and deadly firebombs.

In five years from now, she can come back.

But will she survive through each attack?

This is my prayer, oh God, please send

This sweet child back safely home again.


Amy Riberdy

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to a young girl I work with who went to Israel just to see her family & friends. Why is my question did this happen?
What do I know. I am just an outsider....

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Skin & Bones

You think I like this? You think it's easy? You want to look like me? You have no idea. People think that I don't eat, that I starve myself, that I eat and then throw it up. Chicken legs don't look cute with capri's. Skinny ankles look ridiculous with any shoes. My legs have no shape at all. My tummy has rolls. Yes, even skinny people have rolls. My shoulder blades are visible and people always notice and point it out. Stick thin arms with no muscle looks so gross. But there's nothing I can do. I can eat and eat, yet where does all the food go?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have realized that no one is entirely happy with the way they look

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