Red – Is for the blood

We’ve shed through the years.

In our struggle for freedom,

That was covered in tears.

Nothing was ever- just given to us,

For every thing was earned.

Through hard work and determination,

From praying hearts that yearned.

To be equal in all, and not in part,

To look into our souls, and feel our hearts.

Being blinded by power, hiding in the dark.  

You only saw the good in yourselves, while walking all over us.

White – Is for our faith in God,

And hearts true and pure- as pure as light

While picking cotton, we sang praise to his name

Knowing that everything would be all right.

A unity in love / divided by others greed

Disrespecting our ebony women through the night.

Taking away the “purity” of our ebony people,

Treating us like cattle to benefit their way of life.

For all our ebony people

Who died, trying to be free

White is the color God used

To release and give us inner peace.

Blue –blue is for the ocean

That we have sailed across,

At the hands of our capturers,

We the slaves, them the boss.

For all the pain that we’ve endured

In our struggle to be free.

Trying to hold our family together

Beating us down our family tree.

By separating us from Each other

Yes, breaking up our home

Removing husbands and wives from one another

Leaving them alone.

BUT! We have come a long way

From the past, where we were

To a new life of equality and freedom

And a determination to endure.

Think about our past, the struggle,

And how far we have come

Think about the present,

We are free-yet the battle isn’t won

Before we judge someone

We must first judge ourselves

Because if we aren’t honest to our own true heart

How can we be honest with someone else?

We need to search among ourselves

For our problem to be at an end

We are hurting our own race of people

Thru violence and drugs that has become common – an unwelcome trend.

There is still time, all is not lost

For we can help, build, and inspire one another

Our children are the future

For our selves and them, we have to make it better.

The future is promised to no one, but everyone has a chance.

Setting your values and goals with determination, you can excel and will succeed.  

By: Ebony Blessings

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