Concealed In The Shadows Of Love


The shadows hold a secret

They conceal my heart

They protect me from the pain of love

And are my only friends

The shadows hold no regret

And they will never start

They will fit around me like a glove

Until the torment ends

Slowly closing around me

Then they suddenly stop

An opening appears

A person walks toward me

I cannot see their face

The shadows allow them to pass through

While still concealing their identity

They come closer

And put their arms around me

I allow them to comfort me

While the shadows conceal us both

From life, pain, and the world

Tightening around us

Pushing us closer and closer

The closer we get to each other

The more torment that leaves us both

Until we are free of all pain

Now the shadows hold our hearts

And now they beat as one

Together now we sit,

Our lives have just begun

Shadows bring us comfort

As well as forbidden love

The shadows set us free

On the wings of a snow white dove

Together we are safe

Together we are one

Together in the shadows

Our hearts beating as one

Today, tomorrow, and forever

Shall we remain here

Held within the shadows light

Forever protected from it all

All our fears all possible pain

And pushed toward our desires

Love, happiness, health., prosperity

And most of all toward towards one another

Two souls are we

With but one heart

This is the way it was meant

Two bodies, two minds

With two hearts

Forever beating as one


~Chrystal and Shannon

Written on

January 30, 2001 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written with a friend of mine Shannon Jordan. It didnt really have a pourpose just a shared thought.

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