Her eyes were blinking,

She let me know later,

It’s normal said I,

Go and sprinkle some water.


She took it as a sign,

Perhaps something would happen,

Something bad maybe!

She told me so then.


Blinking can’t be a sign I said,


She reacted, it mustn’t be misread!

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This World Is Too Old

This world is too old

Its purple and grey

Unhealthy and ripe

Like the inside

Of an orange left in the Sun

For much too long


But soon

We'll start anew

And rip this old world in two

Because there's simply nothing left in the world

To live for

Man has corrupted it all 


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I Am Tired

Notes on Life

I am tired

This road is long

And lonely

Sometimes there are people

But oftener than not

They laugh at me

The Weary Traveler

And whip me

Grinning the whole time

And once I am broken

They kiss my cheek

And say

"Be stronger next time"

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The House On A Hill

We had it planned

Like a blueprint in front of us

Like a berry's tang on your lips

My memories of you are bittersweet

Many fights

Many words left unsaid

But I remember that moment

I remember it well

Always my heart melts

To think of our house on the hill


With green walls

and a whitewashed fence

It stands in front of me

And all around beside

a field

That stretches to the horizon and back

No tree to blemish its pristine beauty

No river to damage its perfection

Only the simple waving of grass

Like a huge green ocean

Roiling with our heartbeats


The gate creaks as I shut it

Children dance around me as I walk

and then vanish with the thud of my footsteps

A tree

Yes, a tree!

Stands protectively over the house

One tire swing sways lazily in the breeze

The rope is yellowed and frayed

With age

But I sit in it all the same


A window

Paint chipped and peeling

gazes lovingly at the tree

It leads to a kitchen

Small and tidy


Enough for two people

Drowning in each others love


Chills run down my spine

As the threshold touches my feet

I hear children laughing

Pianos playing

wonderful love making

Tiny breasts under silken sheets

I see blue eyes

Embracing mine

As I wake up each day

But this is as far as I go


The gate creaks as I close it

The children call and say "Daddy, where you goin...?"

But the engine is starting

And it erases their voices

Tomorrow I'll find a different way to work

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Emma Seibel and dreams long forgotten

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Empty Pepsi Bottle

Notes on Life

Dear Empty Pepsi Bottle

I can remember like yesterday when you were full

Perhaps because it was just a day ago

When you're cool insides washed my throat clean

of the daily grit and dust

When you're adrenaline-filled fizz cleared my mind

of the daily sorrows and disapointments

But now you are empty

Like my life


A troubled cheddarhead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Haha... Cheddarhead...

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Know what? People Suck

Notes on Life

Know what?

People suck


If you're a boy

Stay away from girls

The manipulative two-faced freaks

Will only take your heart

and Smile

And tell you they love you

Then they wink

And whisper "Oops..."

You can only watch

As they rip your heart in two


If you're a girl

Since this poem has to remain unbiased

Stay away from boys

For they think with their dick

and not with their head

One minute he'll grin

and whisper something cheesy in your ear

The next he'll mount you against a wall

as you cry out for him to stop

But he won't listen

Dicks don't have ears


Know what?

People suck

And if I were you I'd stay away

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to every two-faced liar I know

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Heart For Sale

Notes on Love

Its worn

Its torn

Its got a cut or two

It cant serve me well

Locked deep in a cell

I hope it works better for you

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Notes on Life

If i were an oreo

Id hide myself in the darkest corner of the farthest room

And stay low To the ground,

lest I be eaten and faced with certain doom


If you were an oreo Id keep you as my pet

And not let any foe

Eat you yet

For that is a job for someone special

For someone brave, a good ol bloke

Not for me

because i know 

Once swallowed you would choke

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im not too good at ryhming poems so spare me...

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A Poem of Love

Notes on Love

Just as the Sun chases the Moon across the stars

So does melancholy Winter chase vibrant Spring

Infatuation he gives her

Along with wonders

Of heaven and earth

But the miraculous does not satisfy

Insatiable is Spring’s thirst

For anything different than what is Real


Life gives way to Death

Winter gives way to Spring

Every year, Winter sends great Snows

To hold Spring back

But she is slippery in his grasp

Like a newborn child just pulled from the womb

And she breaks free

Laughing and taunting, taking more from dear old Winter

Her eyes sparkle

Her hair flows

Her hands beckon

And like a whipped dog, tail between legs

Winter sullenly follows



And so, one day Winter will relinquish his frigid grasp on Spring

He will lay down his scepter

And, with it, his cold crown

He will look pleadingly at Spring

As he has done more times than there have been days in the universe

But she will turn her head and look away


Only then will Winter see what he has become

And he shall whisper farewell


Love is Blind

As Blind as a world with no sun

Love is Joyous

As Joyous as fondling a newborn lamb

Love is Chilling,

Wrapping your heart in an icy cave

Love is Determined

As well as Strong

But every mountain

Is laid to waste by the sands

And every castle

To become a Tomb for those who live there

So must Love

Love is Doomed

To Suffocate in its own embraces

To be Deafened by its own heartbeats

To be drowned in its own spilled blood


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