Nuclear Atom


Ima.. nuclear atom inside an abundance particle ; so logical my mind is full of barnacles that feed off you ; as i start to prove to few that my words are clearly optical ; & pay attention to what I'ma saying cuz my words tend to misconstrue ; instead of capturing the message you just let it leave & stain like a residue ; like dam i cant stand it ; i feel like im in my own world on this planet with these simple minded maggots ; hyprocites & hater faggots ; got me going crazy ; phycopatic ; yea I'm killing lyrics ; I murder songs ; your ahead of my path but I'm headstrong ; my ammo set on kill your ammo just meant to stun ; like u trying stain my soul tryna make me say im done ; but im beyond most words of wisdom so anything u say is dumb ; and if u sound familiar then im ignoring u ; thats my rule of thumb ; dont come here with the same shit cuz niqqas get tired of reruns ~

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spread those wings and soar

open that mind and fly

think out of the box

see beyond this

read between the lines

but never linger for to long

open those wings and fly...

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