autumn leaves

Autumn Leaves

Leisurely adrift in downward decent,
underneath midday's autumn sky
Donned amber tinges casting to red,
fluttering wayfarers seemingly fly

Whisked lofty scatterings aimlessly fall;
wind's spiraled gusting spins them round
Clustered colors shedding off trees,
amassed in layers blanketing ground

Hither swoops guiding leafy flight,
briskly rustlings in shifting gales
Shuffled yield swooshes from underfoot;

crumpled crackling heard along the trails

Crispy crinkled brittle leaves go crunch;
rifled swishing sweeps ripples through all
Seasons all lead one into the next;
winter springs to summer after each fall

© C.E. Vance

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Autumn leaves falling
creating a magical
scene of wonderland.


Automme feuillas qui tombent
la creation d'un magical
scene du pays des merveilles


Herbst blatter fallen
Schaffung eines magicial
siene von wonderland.


Fogile di autunno cadere
la creazione di un magicial
teatro di meravigile


Hajas de stone cayendo
la creacion de un magicial
escenario de las maravillas.

(c) copyright heather burns

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