always searching.

The Challenge to Win

God gave us a challenge to win.
The challenge to forgive what evil had done.
To reach beyond the damage it had done.

The hurt it had caused to whom it had been done.
How much time will pass before we can forgive?
How much time before the pain, the anger are gone?

I still the hurt and fear of what all went down.
I hurt for those who the pain was inflicted on.
I long to feel Jesus near me again.

I know I must forgive and give it all to him.
When I can set the example the healing will begin.
When I can look evil in the eye and send it away,

When I give Jesus back control and let him win,
Then I will find the peace where it shoould always have been.
Please Dear Jesus; take my heart and set it free.

Please bring forth your love again to me.
Take all this darkness;let me your light see.
Once again, take hold of the heart of me.

Lighten my load dear Lord, guide me through
On this journey , we must now pass through.
Guide me Lord back to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by God after a beating inflicted on our grandson.

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Bien la busqueda
la galaxia

una estrella brillante

la que
en busca de mi.



While searching
the galaxy
a bright star

It was you
searching for me.

(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Le fue en busca de mi.

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Esta buscando una perla

mintiendo en algun lugar de la playa

justo fuera de mi alcance.


(c) copyright heather burns

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Calling upon my
third eye to lead
I continue on my

Traveling through
forrests of thick

One pricked my
yet I travel on.

In the canyons of
my mind
I grope to find my

I cannot stop
I must not stop.

This journey will
never end
until we reunite.


(c) copyright heather burns

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This journey has been a long winding road...But in the end we will unite.  ilu

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