abstract and metaphysical

Slow Fearful Contrast

Stoned Sour

Blazing eyes hot with slow fearful contrast fired together, coloring a vivid sonic boom.
Blinding all with fired pistols quivering through many of the mighty dead. 

The light in my eyes was the only movement that could be seen. 

While a lone bro cry of "HAZAH!" was desirously pining over a share of the glory in this galvanic conquest. 

That was the signal-NOW WAS THE TIME!
Victory was in sight drawing near and aggressively holding on tight. 

I assure you of this, we really are the prey, 
playing this cat and mouse game we were never supposed to win. 
This evil creature of trickery let us destroy him-so who is the real hero?

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Deflated sun,
deflated moon,
wandering stars,
silent mayhem,
still chaos,
within and without.
She keeps busy,
knows the art,
of doing so,
but I, the pilgrim,
cannot just sit,
or fret for work,
just in an effort,
to keep myself 'busy'.
The sky is quiet,
Yet lightning flashes,
I see her distinctly,
but cannot touch her...
(Written and posted by Muhammad Naveed Ahmed/Emmenay on May 22, 2011). All copyrights of poems written by the author belong to him.

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