This Is My Corner

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This corner is mine.
You cannot have it,
I have permanent residence here,
in this darkness,
I no longer have anything to fear,
Yes this corner is mine,
It's where I go to hide,
away from the lies,
the screaming,
the fights.

Out with the wannabe's,
Out with the cutters,
they don't know pain,
they don't know shame,
If they knew,
they'd try to find a corner of their own.

Those people that say,
"It could be worse",
don't know how badly I hurt,
They don't know what tears I've cried,
into my pillow at night,
how many time I've cowered,
in full-blown fright.

They only see the surface,
and with that they are content.
So I'll hide as tiny as can be,
in my corner, which must be heaven sent.

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