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Every now and then I write a poem, re-read it, edit the bloopers and typos, reshape the line lengths, add a bit, then read it again. I like this one - it covers so many human escapades and misadventures. I wish you peace for the New Year, for now, and for all of your days.





The thing about distant destinations

is that they are far. Energy is required

to reach them, a great deal of time

goes into observing them at various

times of the day. Which leads invariably

to reconsidering going.


We train for this. Our brains are put on hold

until we develop the ability to transcend

now and imagine all the ramifications of then,

before we go.


On route, discarding most of our preconceptions

and theories, the realities are like hits, they

keep coming. The game plan joins last week's

newspapers and last month's magazines. You

always wanted to be an extra orbital explorer

and go adventuring; this was not in the cards

or the die, or the tarot reading and you

thought to go home.


That distant horizon is still out there. Even

if reached, there is always another skyline

in the distance. So, haul ass and get 

moving remembering that the earth

is no longer flat.


Stella L. Crews