Urban Dreams

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The convoys are rolling tonight.
Eighteen-wheelers snarling rude
tanker trailers hauling crude
reefers full of junk Mcfood
time is money and it's tight.


The gun cars are prowling tonight.
Flexing and twisting titanium spines
probing the flesh of the enemy lines
snuffing out all vital signs
dragons of death and cordite.


The low-riders are cruising tonight.
Hip-hop boppers snortin' crack
lookin' for love down by the track
gimme a swig o' that apple jack
If we don't get fucked then we fight.


The junkies are shuffling tonight.
Men with no future men with no past
hearts of stone and eyes of glass
the next vein blown will be their last
dead by the dawn's early light.


The hustlers are dealing tonight.
Reaching from darkness into the light
Come here, my man, I'll do you up right
I got it young and I got it tight
It's just back here outta sight.