The Wilted Rose Of A Fairy Tale

The Ugly Princess:

"She lived in a tower

One hundred feet from the ground

No one heard her pleas for help

In the still silence never a sound

She dreamed of sleeping beauty

Cinderella and Snow White

And a hansom price, her hansom prince

For her no one came to fight

She was no beautiful princess

She was nothing but and ugly maid

Left alone with a broken heart

No pain relief but a blade

Everyday she stared at that knife

And condemned the pain in her heart

To remove her heart the pain would stay

She never had one from the start

So in that tower alone

Everyday she utterly cried

She waited for her prince

Forever until she died"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem from My latest novel. One of the characters (Buster) used to be teased by other kids in a playground her grandmother used to take her too and so she'd hide in the tower, she pretended she was an ugly maid that no one loved that no one would save.

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