Who you grew up to be!

            Who you grew up to be!

As I sit here and think of you on the day that you was born

All I can do is cry because my heart she is so damn torn

I made a mess of us and know that your absence is my reality

And even thou we do not speak im happy with who you grew up to be

When you were just a boy I protected you and never did think twice

Never have I ever thought I would hurt you at such a heavy price

I made such a big mistake when I hurt you at such a high degree

In spite of my poor judgment I love who you grew up to be

All I can do now is pray the pain ive caused can be stricken

With the hopes that you’ll forgive me so our love can be rewritten

I want you back into my life for the hole insides as big as the sea

But no matter what I’ll always be proud of who you grew up to be!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one for my son and even thou weve had a falling out ( all my fault) im still proud of the man hes grown up to be!!!

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