Waiting for a friend!

Waiting for a friend!  

Here I am alone again laying on my tear soaked pillow

Feeling just like I do not matter like the weeping willow

All I wanted was a BFF so true one who would never offend

So here I am alone again waiting for that special friend

To have a BFF in my life even one would be a dream come true

One to share my secrets with that won’t leave out of the blue

To find a friend like that for me would be a true godsend

Oh the joy that I’d feel inside my heart waiting for a friend

So here I am alone again praying to the lord up in heaven above

For one that suits me to a T and fits me just like a glove

It’s so hard to hang on when your all alone with no one on which to depend

So if you have a friend don’t let go or you’ll always be waiting for a friend…



Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this one because i lost a really good friend, she didnt die but we had a falling out and while she will remain in my heart i cant have her in my life she was too toxic for me!!!

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