In your eyes

      In your eyes

when first we spoke you called me beautiful 

but the turmoil i was in made me doubtful

my soul was heavy with my silent cries

but you kept trying said i was worth it in your eyes

my heart was shattered in pieces on the ground

to you i was special but to me that couldnt be found

but you never gave up and slowly i began to realize

that i saw in you what you saw in me in your eyes

you made me feel special right from the start

that was a feeling i didnt want to part

 in your arms will feel like home i do surmise 

we'll look into each others eyes and see loves reflection in our eyes

Zoey cup

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one about what I felt when I first met my NISA. ( NIGHT IN SHINING ARMOR )

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