Love knows no bounds!

                              Love knows no bounds!

How does one know if it's love or if your blind to its charm

The one in love chooses to ignore the signs of danger and harm

Why do we choose to ignore those red flags that won't bid you adieu

That is the million dollar question on a lot of peoples minds tis true

And when your warned about this lover when checking there backgrounds

You still are going to chose the pain cuz love knows know bounds

But if one wants to catch the lies one had to be wise to its game

Thou it seems to make the one in love blind to the lies just the same

And in the end youre hurt and ask yourself why thou you know why

But love is blind it has no eyes to see the troubles that lie ahead that you deny

So if you are wise you'll listen to your first instincts that has sounds

So you'll never forget and open your eyes and know that love knows no bounds

           Zoey cup





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one I wrote for me cuz I've been blinded by love twice now maybe the next time I will take my own advice hope you like it !!!

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