thank you Brother

                                 thank you brother                       2015


thank you doesnt seem like enough to show you that i know
all the  sacrafices you've had to make because you love me so
while growing up we were inseprable together day and night
 even thou there's distance between us were going to be alright
and in my heart i want you to know theres a place in it for you
you've always been there for me  i know this to be true
all the love that you have given me means everything to me
i'll never forget all that you've done and it's very plain to see
that if i need you no one on earth will be able to stand in your way
you'll be by my side supporting me keeping those monsters at bay
for me you are the rising sun and there'll never be no other
and it doesnt seem like it's enough to say i thank you brother



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this was one i wrote to my brother hes the best brother in the world and i wanted to show him just how special he is hope you like it



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