my sister! 2015


                          my sister!       2015



i wanna tell you about a person who means everything to me

she has always been there for me and its very plain to see

i'm a lucky gal to have someone who's love dosnt waver

i've accepted this special gift that im prowd to call my sister

growing up was hard for me but she was always there to guide

and stuck by me thru hell and back and has never left my side

when i got married into fear i really did so miss her

and i dont say it quite often enough but im glad she is my sister

while we was growing up we've had a special bond

and now that we are adults its grown by leaps and bounds

i hope she knows how i feel and that i'll always need her

the love in my heart will always remain because she is my sister!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this cuz i miss my sister and was thinking about her shes the best



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