A mother so rare! 2015

a mother so rare! 2015


our mother was born the oldest girl of six children

she had a good up bringing growing up way back when

she went against how society though women should live

didnt get married like her family told her they believe

society back then had thought women needed a man

but my mom knew diffrent and wanted to prove she can

so mom blazed the trail for other women back then

and went against the grain and proved she didnt need a man

she wanted to make her own way and blaze her own trail

before she settled down and gave herself to a male

Audrey was the name of our mothers good friend

they found jobs together best friends till the end

but found out they got paid a lot less than the men

so one day she and Audrey were angry and they

marched into there bosses office and had there say

we proved we could do the work of the guys

we wont work untill we get equal pay every day

thats when all the women in the shop got a raise

thanks to Audrey and mom's determened ways

mom loved bowling a was part of a great team

they wont many trophys they were very good it did seam

when mom met our dad she was ready to settle down

she was 36 years old when they got married in town

not married a year when mom got pregnant with her first

the baby didnt make it but mom didnt think the worst

and never gave up and was rewarded you see

mom took good care of her family especialy us three

she loved us all equal and took us under her wings

she always sacraficed her wants if we needed some things

growing up with two parents who loved with there hearts

gave us kids the good sence to be kind and be smart

we grew up with a mom who never complained not one bit

to us she was as powerful and as loving as a woman could get

mom was a strong and indapendant woman who loved life so much

she was a very carring person and a true gift from above

and to us it's a blessing to have been born to there love

our mother was the strongest woman we've ever known

and the day that she died we got a call on the phone

this news that us kids got was something we couldn't bare

but we will never forget that we had a mother so rare






Author's Notes/Comments: 

  this poem took me weeks to write and im so glad i got it done before mothers day enjoy it all!!!


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