Inside my mind. 2015

inside my mind 2015


I dont know why i hide inside my mind

I get so uptight i can never unwind

no one ever see's the anguish that i feel

its like waking up from a dream that felt so real

some days im so angry that i seem unkind

nothing ever goes right inside my mind

but there are days when i feel just right

like an owl feels after hes been up all night

the thoughts in my head clap like thunder

and it makes me feel like i'm six feet under

most chose to ignore it like there are so blind

and dont want to see whats inside my mind

i fake a smile when they see my face

so they dont see what i can not erase

someday in the future if i get better

i will write it all down in a nice long letter

if you dare ask then im sure that you'll find

i just might tell you whats inside my mind




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this poem because i sometimes hide away from the world and im trying to get over doing that so i hope you like it


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