put down those pills! 2015

put down those pills! 2015


put down those pills is what she knew they need to say

for if they dont she might just take them anyway

she needs the sleep these pills shes certain they will bring

they will take her up to heaven on pretty angels wings

put down those pills is something she wishes she would hear

but all she hears is silence and that will cost her dear

shes good at hiding all her pain behind a cheery smile

but no one sees her heart break and wont go the extra mile

put down those pills is something no ones ever said before

she knows that if they do she will have a little hope and more

no ones ever looked in her eyes and seen a lot of sadness

they've never asked her no not once why she felt so hopeless

put down those pills she knows that if they do not say

she will be sleeping permanent in every possible way

but then one day she met some one and saw he did so care

and then he looked into her eyes and knew with certainty

what she had planed after he left that he didnt want to see

so then he took her by the hand and said put down those pills




Author's Notes/Comments: 

this poem was dificult for me to write because i have had those pills in my hand and wished time and time again some one would say that to me and it happened just like that my friend looked me in the eyes and knew what i had planned to do for the second time in my life and he did tell me that very thing to put down those pills and i remember feeling like someone really does care, it was a great feeling knowing some one did,  i hope this poem can help some one to put down those pills because there are people out there who genuinly do care.


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