Fear is quite real! 2015

Fear is quite real 2015


fear is quite real it's something you hate

it might be as simple as forgetting a date

some will never know the problem fear will make

like a dream that you feel you'll never awake

it could be as severe as being in a large crowd

all the people are screaming and being quite loud

some will not seem to be fearfull at all

they will act really happy like there having a ball

but look really close and maybe you'll see

a very small gesture like there hands on there knee

the next time you laugh at them just think how you'd feal

and then you will know that fear is quite real!




Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this because i have agoraphobia a fear of going into places where there are lots of people and especialy men, i cant go out with out someone going with me

and a lot of time people woulld stop and stair and it makes me uncomfortable so i thought i would write a poem about it to educate people on fear !!!

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