My Dad ! 2010

            My Dad! 2010

When i was born my dad smiled form ear to ear

and he kept on smiling thru out all his years

he taight me kindness and of love

with a lot of help from up above

my childhood was sometimes tears

my dad chased away all my fears

my dad taught me to be all i should

and dad never gave up until i could

when i got married i was full of fear

my dad raged and prayed rivers of tears

and when he died he never knew

my life was better and brand new

i dedicate my life to him

for the courage to never give in

because off all the battles i've faced

his prayers and tears never ceased

when he died he took with him

a piece of my heart hes had with in

i will never forget his sacrifice

and to see him again will be my price !!!

I love you Dad !


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was by far the most difficult to write for me because because my dad died a year beore and i was still greiving but i had to get it out i wanted the world to know my dad like i did when i was married to a verry volatile man many nights he would pace the floor and rage and pray to god to help me get out of that situation that i was in but he died before he knew i had left him and i only wish he would have known that but i know he does now and hes been my gaurdien angel ever since bending gods ear every time i am in trouble this poem i dedicat to him and all others out there who have lost a Daddy may we make them proud of us all  i love you Dad!!!     Zoeycup16.

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My Dad! 2010

Such a powerful and touching poem, Zoeycup16, Stay Good, Stay Strong

and keep writing. Your dad sounds like a great guy. I believe you will see 

him again one day... GOD BLESS.  *MilMan*Cool

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My dad

thank you i will! he has been there for me every step of my life and he still is, and i know i will see him again thats what keeps me going god bless you to MilMan!!!!!