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Wow. Hobbies and interests. These have greatly evolved since the posing of these poems almost over 7 years ago. They include my car, work, movies and friends - travel, tourism and hospitality. Food and culture are big for me as well.

Wow. Lots of things have happend in the last seven years for me. Most of the poetry here was written from grade 11 and possibly 12. Since then I had moved to Ottawa, Ontario and spent the better part of 3 years in and out of school and working at The Cash Store, two hotels, bluenotes and a call centre job.

It's crazy for me now thinking back to who I was. Today I am much stronger and witty and have developed neccessary social skills.

In the summer of 2007 I toured europe visiting all around the mediteranian whilst workign for Norwegian Cruise Line.

My life, is it perfect? It is far from that but someday I will be closer to perfection than i am now. I believe that once you reach perfection, you die. So? Putting off the inevitable - i think not... Having fun and enjoying the world around me is more imporatnat to me now.

You only live once!

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i have an innie! you happy!? LOL =0)

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Who cares? The world's gonna kiss my ass someday!


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