A Vision

For consideration

A world of colour,

For one another,

A smiling face,

Each one grace,

A vision of utopia,

We've progressed so far,

If we chose to make it be,

It can be reality,

Everyone at ease,

Everyone come on


Make this a better place,

For this and the future race,

To be thankful,

Of what we've done,

In order to become,

A world of promise,

There's a chance don't dismiss,

We all can do,

Together make true,

For the children,

As well as you.

Are you hearing me,

Are you wanting be,

Are you able see,

Are you the decree?

Will you let free,

Will you just see,

Will you, as me,

Will it, want it to be,

Make a difference.

How long have we got.

D.Ullman (c)2000

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hopes for Peace,
in unity

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