Oliver Twist

The issues always more,

Doesn’t matter what for,

Everybodies got a need,

Which everybody needs to feed,

Never gonna be enough,

Desires one thing you cannot bluff.

The issues still the same,

Adding to material gain,

Everybody feels the pain,

Which everybody wished didn’t remain,

Never gonna be enough,

That my friend I know is tough.

D.Ullman 2000 ©

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Politically Incorrect's picture

Oliver Twist is a great book. This is a nice little piece. Thanks for sharing.

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

I think that you have touched on a very broad, and controversial subject here (AMEN!) I agree with you, Dawn in saying that it is never going to be enough, because there are times when I myself wonder what for? We are always going to want more than what we have, no matter how much we have! Isn't that a fact, Jack!? What is the point? hopefully, we want not only for ourselves, but in order to help others. That should be our goal. great poem. Well-done!

Richard Elliott's picture

Hard words put into a pleasing rhythm that perhaps I don't fully agree with the sentiments, it is a succinct and strong work.