Your throat is dry

Your heart's stuck in it

Your eyes are moist

Your glasses tinted

The pain can kill

It has no limit

Eyes closed

Mouth shut

Don't care

Your soul's revealed

Yet no reaction

You try to please

No satisfaction

This game he plays

A new contraption

Ears closed

Mind shut

Don't care

Your heart bleeds out

And he just stared

You're open now

Your soul you've bared

You yearn for acceptance

Your feelings not shared

Heart closed

Soul shut

Don't care

His truth and kindness

You most respected

To his slightest whim

You were subjectd

You're forgotten quickly

Your feelings neglected

Such shame

You're to blame

Don't care

You stand alone

You feel a fool

He never loved you

Thought you were "cool"

It's your own fault

Because he's not cruel

Crushed love

Wounded pride

Don't care

You lived in disillusion

Sealed your own fate

Now you can't forget it

Loathe in self-hate

Realizing you weren't made

For a suitable mate

Lost hope

Now mope

Don't care

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Tim Derr's picture

This strips off the veneer of self like old clothing discarded with the memories they hold.
Each stanza brings more of the nakedness of spirit to the surface, until finally in the gleam of the reality, only wisdom remains.
I liked the presentation, the visual presentation. It has a sort of water over the dam aspect to it. Mostly I liked the way this reaches in and touches the guts of life, leaving me to feel a sentient's sigh because of the destruction.
I came across your works quite by accident. I liked the "no hate" sign. I intend to bookmark this place of unique humanity. ~Tim