Relics of Yester- Year

Society's Woes

Bikes, books, babydolls,

And sunny backyards.

Simon Says, Red Rover,

Hopscotch seemed hard.

Care free, bare feet,

Oh, the joys of life.

Driver's license, high school,

Here comes the strife.

Cars for bikes,

CD's for books,

Babydolls stuffed in closet nooks.

No more games,

The beach is for fun.

Bye-bye apple juice,

Here comes rum.

Late nights, club lights,

Parents? No need to heed.

X, Coke, Mushroom Caps,

Johnny just OD'ed.

Tea cups, dress up,  roller skates,

There's no time to play.

Diapers, bottles, bibs,

Lisa's baby's on the way.

Hide-n-seek, O-U-T,

Playing Truth or Dare.

Drag racing, red light passing,

Mikey's new wheelchair.

Now all that's left are pictures,

And memories held so dear,

Of watching clouds roll by,

In the times of yester-year.

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Margot's picture

Julienne, This poem is so good! I can't believe it. I never knew you could write like that. Keep up the good work!