The Whipping Boy


Oh Romeo, Romeo,

I shall never love my Romeo.

He can prance and dance around me.

He can show me what I can't see.

He can love me forever and ever.

Will my love show to you?


And I love how you don't throw a fit.

Will you ever?

I doubt it.

You attach yourself to the heel of my foot.

I know you like me,

But farther down my feelings are put.

I don't like you, but Mercutio is hot.

alas is a man that I like a lot.

Oh Romeo, Romeo,

I am in love.

Mercutio seems like he was sent from above.

I shall send my nurse with my lo sientos.

To my head is where it all goes.

You slowly make me more concieded.

Everyone's attention is what I needed.

I go everywhere, and there you wait.

I know you're on time cuz you wouldn't dare be late.

It crazy how much love you show.

But one more time I have to say "no".

My heart belongs to a man so fair.

Oh. how much I love his hair!

Alas, It's time to say good-bye,

Cuz I'm a whore and I'm not shy.

How you can look past my tooth that's ever so chipped,

Is only because I have you whipped.

I treat you as my little toy,

Because, as I said before, you're my whipping boy.

Romeo's Response:

Your skin so soft and fair.

The color of your gentle hair.

everyone sees how badly i'm treated,

But you're all I ever needed.

You walk around with your body flaunted.

Going with you is all I ever wanted.

When you come near I tremble and quiver.

Certain muscles on me tend to grow bigger.

Everybody thinks that I'm so obsessed,

With your giant head and non-existing chest.

You mistreat me and use me,

Mislead me and abuse me.

But I still have the will to stay,

Because with you I want to lay.

When I think about you, I jump and skip.

Cuz deep down inside, I know I've been whipped.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A little MAST humor.

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Rachel Wentlent's picture

I love this! It is cute and funny. I like how you rhymed, and I love the little story- how you portray Romeo and Juliet. Great job!