Prisoner of Sight

Made me an eye,

That cannot close to you.

That can't block you out.

Makes me want to cry.

Want to scream and shout.

Taunt me when you're here.

Haunt me when you go.

I'm a prisoner of sight.

All of you I know.

The chisel of your jaw.

The blue of your eyes.

Innocence of your face,

Shows sweet demise.

And I watch in anguish.

Patiently wait to see,

How you grow and progress.

Show your soul to me.

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hawksquaw99's picture

I am just out crusin the halls of post poems... and thought I would read some of your work.... I like this piece.... sometimes we think that blindness would be horrible... but then sometimes I think that it might not be that bad.... keep posting... this was a great read