I'm a little ragdoll,
In a toystore.
Submerged in clammer around me.
Doomed to endless bore.


See, no one wants to buy me.
I'm cuddly, but yet,
On the hem of my skirt,
Reads my horrible DEFECT.


Then, one day I was sitting there,
When a boy walked by.
He took me off the dusty shelf,
And stared me in the eyes.


He started to put me in his cart,
Then took in a sharp breath.
I wanted to close my button eyes,
As he read my DEFECT.


"Terrible abuser,
Doomed to be a loser.
Does nothing correct.
Psychotic DEFECT."


But he put me in his cart,
Without so much as a glance.
He didn't care about my DEFECT!
He was going to give me a chance!


And my heart jumped with glee,
As I was dropped in the bag.
The cashier frowned at me.
Bye-bye you old hag!


She looked at my buyer,
With her mouth all turned.
And she said this to him,
"Hope you know there's no returns."


'Til this day I'm still amazed,
As I sit and reflect.
Now my buyer's going to help me,
Overcome my DEFECT.

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serene's picture

Hi! I saw your poem in our random feature poetry. Great writing you have here. This piece sends a very nice message for all. All the best!

missmfa's picture

Beautiful poem! And I can sooo relate to it. I'm still on the shelf, waiting for someone to come and 'buy' me inspite of my defects:-)

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