Brown Sugar

Tall and handsome

Dark-toned brotha of sophistication

Deep brown eyes framed with confidence

Chiseled jaw that speaks articulate words

Golden honey hue

Voluptuous lips that provoke glances

Cause hate from other brothas

Admiration from sistas

Structured hands of strength

Work wonders with what's natural

Concerning the glistening waves of hair

Trimmed goatee

Manicured nails

Gyrating syrupy sweet vibes to passerbys

Taking their minds on natural highs

The ultimate floor plan for a man

Sistas become hypnotized

With that mesmerizing stride

Rock on brotha

Rock on

Author's Notes/Comments: 

No one in particular. Just wanted to scuplt an image without using a chisel and a pick.

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Reco Humphrey's picture

I like dem girls. But I must say this poem is simply mahvoulous.

Michelle Noel's picture

Damn!!! I know this man :-) Very well done here. Applause!!!!! Michelle

Doug Thomas's picture

"I'm not a homosexual or anything like that...but I'd go to bed with him...and make great love to you." - Woof in Act 2 of Hair. Nice Biscuits. :) Although a lot more sensual than you normally write, but thats fine with me.

Danielle Edwards's picture

DAMN!!! I know it said you werent talkin bout anybody particular but if you were then pleaseeeeeeeeeee tell me if he gotta brother. This poem creates a excellent image in my head. Good Good writing