ONCE UPON A TIME (Him Version)



Once upon a time outside a yellow and red room,
I was standing and staring at her once again.
She brightens up my afternoon gloom
An I can feel the rushing adrenaline.


The moment her eyes met mine,
My soul melts my heart inside.
Her lips, her skin and her hair that shine
Make me shiver like I’m in a roller coaster ride


I’m believing for so much more.
Cause she’s my princess that I adore.
But she does have her so-called knight in shining armor.
Now, what on earth am I here for?


Yet time permits us to be together.
Enjoying our moments I will treasure forever.
We walked in the park and we enjoy the sunlight.
While she’s giving me that smile so bright.


I can hear the ticking of my second-hand clock.
Minutes to minutes, seconds to seconds. It seems so fast.
‘Cause by her side, I just wanna be stuck.
And I’m afraid this thing won’t last.


You told me the words ‘I’m starting to love you’.
I do love you too but not that much’ – that’s what I said.
Ending this is far better than making things complicated.
You’re way too special and may be I’m not too good for you.


Then it rains, you didn’t notice my tears burst.
I felt your pain. I hope you felt mine.
We remain dripping and standing instead.
Now, the setting was a sunset so fine.


Red and orange conquered the place.
We started walking on a slow pace but on separate ways.
Thoughts ran out of my mind and ideas were flowing freely.
Emotions are getting high, while darkness covers the place steadily.


I started to run back. Fight and be a man.
But I saw her with him in a hug when I look around.
I smile, mouthed the words ‘Please take care of her’ and then I ran.
As fast as I can, as long as my feet were touching the ground.


Though it is just a short-term love affair
You’ll always be my princess, night by night and day by day.
‘Cause I’m only a prince destined to be in this curse to stay.
That in my Once-Upon-A-Tine won’t end up in a happily ever after.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written by my friend, Amiel. An answer to my poem, One Upon A Time. http://www.postpoems.org/authors/damselprincess/poem/930547 And both have sad endings.

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