Don't look at me.
I want to run away
And escape from this miserable world.

I'm angry again.
I blame this broken and tattered mirror
For making me seem ugly
Even on the inside.

I don't want your sympathy
I don't need your kindness.
You're suffocating me
So Please

I want to scream
And shout.
What do I have to do
For you to leave me be?

You tell me
That you'll be by my side.
No matter what happens.

But I know
That the moment I show you my true self
You'll run away
Just like the others.

You tell me I'm beautiful
I cry and cry
But you never listen.

You come closer to me
Every time
I scream not to.

I'm dying
On the inside.

I'm falling apart.
And you being here
Watching this
As it happens
Makes it worse.

I know
That in this world
There's no such thing
As warmth

That there's no one
Who'll be there for you
When you need them the most.

So why should I trust you?
Why should I let you catch my fall?

Just stop.
And go away.

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Fifth stanza, last line: "Not" should be changed to "no". By the way... the kind of guy you are describing reminds me very much of myself. Very insightful!!! Perhaps I ought to be more careful in the future. Loved the poem. I connect well with it.

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