Lifes Imperfections

Lifes imperfections

come and go

make you who you are

make you stronger

and more confident

than you could imagine

everything happens for a reason

you might never know the reason

but roll with the punches

see where it takes you

let it completely rule you

give up the power

and control

you feel comfortable having

stepped into the unknown

try something new

feel completely out of place

feel shy

be unsure

then one day you will

have a new understanding

more knowledge

confidence in something

so unexpected

push yourself further

than anyone would have thought you would go

do something out of this world

be creative

be wild

be crazy

be loveable

be honest

be willing

be accepting

be daring

do everything with you heart

enjoy life

make the most of every moment

cherish those who cross your path

some come and go

theres a reason for it all

embrace the growth of the world around you

connect with who you are

and who you can become

be open to learn from others

keep an open mind to all the thing that come your way

commit when you heart tells you to

over coming fear

can be one of the greatest achievements ever

if you dont make yourself vunerable

you arent living life to the extremes

lifes imperfections

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