I guess it all adds up

I guess it all adds up,

I lost my father on November 11th 2004,

And so did many of my friends,

He was like another teenager when he needed to be,

And a loving dad to anyone who came through our door,

My friends cared so much for him,

And still do,

They knew the bad,

They knew the good,

And if you never met him,

I am very sorry,

But I can tell you the stories,

And you can see how he effected the people in his life,

But he always said I need a boy that were like him,

Fun and spontaneous,

Smart and knowing right from wrong,

Also knowing when to do things and when not to,


I haven’t found the right person yet,

Just because I haven’t seen it in them,

But I have found 2 people since then who fit some of the things,

That would be my dad,

One never knew him and didn’t know me when he passed away,

The other was friends with my sister,

And saw how it effected her,

And came to the funeral,

I got to know him later on,

The one who didn’t know me,

Is the part of him where I can tell him anything,

And know he will help and won’t judge,

He is the one person I turn to with all my problems,

Knowing even if he tells me something I don’t want to hear,

In the end it is the right choice,

The other person,

Is the fun and spontaneous part of my dad,

The part that my dad said himself that I needed when looking for a guy,

My dad told me this the last good memory I have of him,

When we were just driving up the highway to who knows where,

Like we usually did,

That is where I can think and talk to the most to someone,

Well the other person,

Drives like my dad just a little faster,

But has control over the car,

He blasts the country like my dad and I would,

He up and goes and has fun where ever he goes,

And overall he makes me happy,

Like my dad always did,

So for now,

I guess that is the best I can do,

I have my dad in 2 people here on earth,

What more could I ask for,

I guess it all adds up.

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