Why should I listen to them

Why should I listen to them,

You will need to step up and tell me what you think I should do,

Cause from the start,

Everyone told me,

Not to get started with you,

But of course,

I didn’t listen,

And went with my gut feeling,

It didn’t seem so bad,

I could live with the drama,

It's part of the group,

And part of who you are,

I could live with the fact that people would talk about me,

But when my friends from back in the day,

Met you,

With me,

They saw how happy you made,

How I would look at you,

They just knew,

Then you go and hurt me,

I know what I want,

And who I am,

But the question is,

Do you know,

Who you are,

And what you want out of life,

Out of people,

Out of yourself,

Do you know,

You hurt,

I was pissed,

I said things like fuck him,

I don’t care about him,

But that was the anger talking,

It wasn’t me,

I do care,

But seriously,

I am listening to them right now,

Saying don’t get see him,

Don’t talk to him,

Move on from him,

And some of them,

Are the people who know you best,

And they are the people from the start who said for me to stay away from you,

I have heard  that you to sweet and caring,

And I saw that,

When you and I were at the best,

But then shit happens,

And I see the worst of you,

The part of you that,

I hate to say,

But that’s who you have become,

You haven’t found out who you are,

You don’t know what you want,

You want to stay with whatever is most comfortable,

You want to go back in the past and have what you did,

Life moves on,

And honestly if you don’t,

Move on,

You will get stuck,

And keep hurting yourself,

By doing what you are doing,

So right now,

I say you sit down and think about things,

Be sober for a while,

Cause intoxicated thinking,

Gets you no where,

Then once you know what you want,

And who you are,

I will be more than willing,

To have you find out who I am,

And what I want,

Why should I listen to them.

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