Amazingly wrong

Amazingly wrong,

To do something like that,

You take my virginity,

Right next to my sister,

I thought I would keep it longer,

But I felt that it was the right time,

And the person,

I said I didn’t regret it,

But now I do,

Only because you almost fucked her too,

I am related to her,

You took my virginity,

This is a huge thing,

No matter what you may think,

I wouldn’t be as pissed,

If you would only talk to me,

No one really understands,

Why I am so pissed,

They never got fucked,

By someone who seemed that they cared,

Who you treated the best even when they weren’t around,

Made sure no one hooked up with me,

Or even talked bad about you,

I was always willing to let there be something more,

But your past relationship,

Impended that,

You say I am clingy,

When your past girl,

Wasn’t even that at all,

You were clingy too,

Even if you don’t say it,

You notice peoples faults,

When they are also yours,

So maybe we are both fucking up,

And don’t want to admit to it,

Knowing the truth will be the best option of them all,

Yeah I would like to be your girl,

Cause I would treat you like a king,

Even if I got nothing in return,

If you got to know me,

You would not know what to do,

I am amazing,

And you don’t even know it,

If I don’t get to be your girl,

Can we at least be friends,

And if not that,


I can’t sit and wait forever,

You had my heart,

And you still do,

I want it back,

Or at least let me see a part of yours,

Amazingly wrong.

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Heather Stafford's picture

really strong one em...

its well written shows your feelings outloud...