These tears fill up in my eyes

These tears fill up in my eyes,

I don’t want to blink to let them roll down my cheeks,

Knowing that I have the pain inside,

I don’t want to let it out,

To let it be seen,

I don’t want anyone to know,

I miss you like crazy,

I know I can move on,

But it so hard,

Having people in my life remind me of you,

But I can’t have them like I had you,

When will I find that person,

To fill the void in me that has been opened,

Now that you are no more,

I know you’re there,

But not the way that I need you to be,

I need you so bad,

I need to vent through you,

It didn’t seem so bad to do it to you,

Because you would do the same to me,

You let me know everything,

And I did the same,

These tears fill up in my eyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

R.I.P. Dad

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