Why can't you see what I want

Why can't you see what I want,

I want you,

I’ve tried my hardest,

But you just push me away,

I now think you’re a total ass,

Maybe it was the truth when you said you were vein,

I’m starting to believe that a little bit more,

You didn’t see that you make me the happiest I have been in a while,

Happier than happy,

You get to me to sleep dreaming about you and thinking about you,

That’s all I did,

Now I have nothing,




Without you,

I know you weren’t sure about me,

I’m telling the truth,

I just wanted a friend,

Someone I could go to when I need someone,

A different friend,

Someone who I could connect with on a different level,

Than I can with all my other friends,

I wanted someone unique,

Who stood out,

Who I was proud to be friends with,

That my parents would totally adore,

But now I have nothing,

Because I’m very forward and inexperienced socially,

That hurt me more than I would have thought,

More than you would have expected,

Who knows,

I’m sorry,

I’ll back down and I guess find someone who is you but just not you,

Why can't you see what I want.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It may seem that I want you more than a friend but in all honestly that's all I want.

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