Screw Them

Screw them,

Why do I go after guys,

When I don’t even know if I like them,


I mean I either go too far,

And piss them off and think I’m stalking them,

That is getting me no where,

Having to back down from something that makes me happy,

Give them some space,

Show that I’m not a total freak,

Because I’m not I just wanted to get to know you,

Is there something wrong with that,

Or I don’t go far enough,

Scared I might get hurt,

Or it could be the wrong thing,

Limits stopping me from something that could be the best thing ever,

Worried my parents might not like you,

All sorts of things holding me back,

But maybe your just an obsession,

A reason to just have a guy to tell people about,

Not really liking you,

Yet leading you on at the same time,

I don’t want to hurt you,

I just don’t know what I want,

All so confusing,


Screw them.

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