Who are you supposed to be more mad at

Who are you supposed to be more mad at

The boarding school for pushing your family back down to zero

Or your sister for lying upon lying

Always getting in trouble

How can you be mad at family

When you can’t comfort you bawling mom or angry dad

All you can do is sit and get yelled at

What are you supposed to do

When you know that angry dad will get angrier if you want out of the house for a few hours

Mad that  you don’t comfort your own family

Only 15, no one is supposed to get kicked out of school

It’s just not fair to do that

When they try so hard to fit in and make her family happy

The mom got diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago

Her only wish in life was to see her babies graduate from the same school her whole family had

Now that is ruined

Dad won’t let anyone go near the school till the day he dies now

He has just gone into his workshop knowing there’s nothing he can do right now

At the end of all this the real question will be

Who are you supposed to be more mad at

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