All has quieted down

All has quieted down

The only noise now, is the radio playing the latest pop music

The TV playing the DVD that got left on

And the occasional dog bark

The dogs know something is wrong

But the youngest of the family won’t show her pain

Only to her dear best friends

So she has someone to turn to

She starts acting class tomorrow

Lucky her gets to be out of the house for 2 hours

Away from all the anger and sadness

She’ll be able to use it in her acting

In a way she is lucky

Now she can use this family changing event when she needs strong emotion in acting

A few days ago her biggest worry was going to acting class

Nervous that someone would make fun of her

Now the worry is about what will go on in this house

How will she leave to get to sanity and happiness

Wishing she were 16 and had a car

So she could leave for a while

All she is able to do is go on a run

But she has to let her parents know

Which is not what she really wants to do

All is crazy around

She never knew it could ever be like this

All has quieted down

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