Of where I am from,

How I was raised,

Southern Hospitality,

Even though it doesn’t seem like it at times,




Is what the life was like,

Even though it has turned the other way on some of the things,

We hold strong during the tough times,

And grow together more and more as a family,

It may not seem like it,

When we fight and what not,

But if we don’t do that,

Then we would go insane and not be able to look at each other without disgust,

We have learned,

To be open,

Yet still care,

And keep no secrets hidden,

As we are family,

We are here to support each other no matter what they did or said the other day,

Your dad has your back and your mom has his and so on,

Stick up for them when people say rude things,

Be proud of your up brings,

And just let everyone know that even if other people in your family has some bad qualities,

It does not mean you have them either,

And you still support that person,

Because at the end of the day,

Yall are still family,

So be,


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