How much harder can it get

How much harder can it get,

In the movies they make teenage life,

All loopy and wonderful,

Yet when you get down to it,

It just plain out sucks,

Loosing friends left and right,

Not knowing if you really have someone to turn to,

Family doesn't care and you sure don't care about them,

The mood swings get so out of hand,

Lost in even your own thoughts,

Walking around,

Wondering is someone thinking things about me that aren't true,

Always worried what people think of you,

Parents are the people who hate you the most,

Always saying negative things about you,

Getting their children to go along with it,

Never thinking your growing up,

People can never change for the better,

If someone in your family like a brother or sister,

Screws up,

Well in the end you must be a screw up too,

People trying to protect you,

Keep you from your own battles,

Make sure you never grow up,

Don't see what the real world is like,

Stuck inside this 5 year old's world,

Yet no one understands,

They aren't helping to make it any better,

So don't you ever wonder,

How much harder can it get.

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great write


ron parrish