I wake up and put a smile on,

Just to make people happy,

They think if they see a smile,

That everything is great,

Nothing can be wrong,

Or else she wouldn't be smiling,

You don't see what goes on,

When no one is watching,

The unbearable levels of depression,

Being able to cry at the snap of someones fingers,

Not having the time of her life,

Just as it is wasting away,

Yet in the end,

No one knows what it going on,

She can't up and share her feelings,

She doesn't know who cares,

How could she ever just spill everything,

To some stranger,

Who she doesn't know,

If you don't ask,

She won't tell,

So you think she is happy,

Well you might want to get to know those people who always have a smile on,

Just to see if they need someone to be there for them,

Only if people would open up their eyes,

And really see whats going on,

I just hope that this world can get a little bit better,



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