You say I'm spoiled

You say I'm spoiled,

What do you know,

Your always gone,

Never home,

Not caring at all about your life,

Unless your at school,

Who cares whats going on back at home,

I am here and I am free,

I get money when I want,

And buy whatever I want,

Hurting myself doing stupid things,

Just for the experiences,

Yet My younger sister is back at home,

Having to earn her way through the parents,

Not being able to be herself,

Always told to stop and not be happy,

Just mellow out,

Not being able to be her true colors,

Yet your up getting whatever you want,

And shining all the colors of the rainbow,

Having the time of your life,

Yet when you come home,

You say that she is spoiled,

Have you seen what you get,

And what she doesn't have,

I think you should re-look at somethings,

And watch what you say before you say it,

Your not telling the full truth,

She has earned her way,

To get what she has got,

Yet you got yours the easy way,

But what do you care,

You say I'm spoiled.

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