Your like a sister for me

Your like a sister for me,

I don't know what I would do without you,

From day to day,

Knowing that Sarah is up at school,

I need someone to turn to that I am close to,

I know that is what best friends are for,

There are just some that are closer than others,

Please never forget I am here for you,

It doesn't matter how many miles apart we are,

I am here and that is all that matters,

If you need a should to cry on I'm here,

To go on long walks to talk about whats on our minds,

A face to go see when you think no one cares,

Someone to see when you need to laugh with,

I am always here,

We need to stay close,

Our families don't always help with keeping us sane,

That's why God put friends on this earth,

So then we would always have someone to turn to,

No matter how many things go through your mind,

I will be here to listen,

To understand,

To talk about it with,

Thank you so much,

When I say sorry I mean it,

I don't ever want to hurt you,

If I do please tell me then and there,

Let's keep things honest even though we already do,

Your like a sister for me.

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