No one actually knows what it is,

Everything thinks differently,

People agree with others when they state something,

About life that they feel the same about,

Something think it is having to go out and waste money everynight,

Others think it's spending time with the people that really matter,

Some think it's sitting down and reading a good book,

Or sitting online talking all night,

Maybe your more of a phone person,

Sleeping over at someones house,

Hanging out at someones house then moving to the next,

Over the years everyones persepectives on life have changed,

They used to be to sit down at home and read,

Or play with the kids in the hood,

Well now that we're in 2003 it has changed,

Not everyone lives close,

We like to hang out at different houses,

Have a good time,

That we will remember,

We don't alway go over to a guys house to hook up,

Maybe we're just friends,

People do understand the meaning of no,

It doesn't matter how hard you try to think they don't,

They do,

Don't judge people from what you have heard get to know them,

Life is hard at times,

If everyone can agree on something then maybe it will go well for everyone,

Don't punish others for the wrong doings of someone else,

That's how life goes,

Sometimes it might be rough,

Just get the courage up and live with it,


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